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Gabriëlle van Kleef is a young and talented artist who has a passion for serving and honoring God in all that she does. Born in The Netherlands and surrounded by generations of family who love, appreciate and understand the importance of creativity, she was taught to explore her artistic talents. As a toddler, she was always enthusiastic for day trips to museums and castles. She would pause in front of each masterpiece and clasp her hands together as she tried to memorize each stroke of the brush. She would dream of the personalities and lives of those captured in the portraits painted many years ago.

Gabriëlle was fortunate enough to get to spend her young years traveling our beautifully created earth. The years when she lived in the remote country of Papua New Guinea, she was given the opportunities to travel to hidden villages and to discover their unique and beautiful culture. She learned at a very young age that to understand the history of an area will help you to understand their art. She has learned to appreciate and understand that “ART” in one area of the world may be carved into a beaded necklace, while “ART” on the other side of the globe may be represented in origami.

After having had the chance to live in some of the most beautiful places on this earth, Gabriëlle is now currently settled with her family in a small town in Southern America, where she is discovering the beauty of the southern culture. She can be found in the mornings, walking in the garden and in the heat of the afternoon, reading Literature. You will sometimes stumble over her in the evenings, while she is trying to capture God’s artistic design with her paints.